“Social and Environmental Olfactory Signals Mediate Insect Behavioral Ecology and Evolution”
Dept Plant Protection Biology, SLU, 2016

Public Defense – Friday June 10 at 10.00
SLU Alnarp, Crafoord Hall, Sundsvägen 14, 230 53 Alnarp

Seminar w opponent and committee – Thursday June 9 at 13.00
SLU Alnarp, Crafoord Hall

Sylvia Anton: “Moth pheromone perception in an insecticide-contaminated environment”
Maria Servedio: “The role of sexual selection in speciation and species maintenance”
Alba Marina Cotes-Prado: “Combined use of different microbial biopesticides for integrated pest management”
Martin Heil: “Phenotypic adjustments and mutual manipulation as stabilizing mechanisms in mutualisms”

The defendant, Felipe Borrero-Echeverry

M.Sc. in Biology, Los Andes University, Bogotá (Colombia). Will return to a position at his previous affiliation at the Biological Control Laboratory, Corpoica, Bogota, Colombia. Advisors: William Walker, Paul Becher, Boyd Mori, Marie Olsson, Rickard Ignell, Peter Witzgall.

The opponent, Prof. Dr. Martin Heil

Emotion-driven German plant ecologist living in México. Studies in Würzburg (PhD 1997), Junior Group Leader at MPI Chemical Ecology, Jena (2001-2004), Chair at Dept General Botany and Director of the Botanical Garden at University Duisburg-Essen (2004-2007), since 2007 Head of the “Plant Ecology” Lab at CINVESTAV Irapuato (Centro de Investigación y de Estudiios Avanzados). Martin has been informed that opponent and defendant both are under scrutiny during a Swedish thesis defense.

The committee

Dr. Sylvia Anton

“Neuro-éthologiste allemande de formation” – Neuroethologist, studies in Frankfurt and Vienna (PhD 1992), research in Jan Löfqvist’s Pheromone Group at Lund University and Bill Hansson’s Group at SLU Alnarp (1992-2002), INRA Bordeaux (2002-2005) and INRA Versailles, heading the Insect Physiology Team (2005-2011) and since then at INRA/Université Angers, France. Sylvia has made a major contribution to olfactory neurophysiology research at Lund and Alnarp, which has been basic for the IC-E3 Linnaeus project.

Prof. Dr. Maria Servedio

Evolutionary biologist, studies at Harvard College and University of Texas, Austin (PhD 1998), postdoctoral studies and appointments at Dept Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University (1998-1999), Center for Population Biology, University of California, Davis (1999-2001), Dept Biology, University of California, San Diego (2001-2002), and currently full professor at Dept Biology, University of North Carolina. Maria works on a range of topics from evolutionary genetics to behavioral ecology, and serves as Handling Editor for Evolution.

Prof. Dr. Heikki Hokkanen

PhD in Ecology and Entomology from Cornell University, USA (1983), since 1992 Professor of Agricultural Zoology at Dept Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki. Editor-in-chief of Arthropod-Plant Interactions and the Progress in Biological Control book series. Heikki is the Scandinavian representative, his research profile in biological control matches the goals of our Department and SLU.

And last, but not least, the mediator, Dr. h.c. Alba Marina Cotes-Prado

PhD in Plant Pathology (1993), University of Gembloux, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (Belgium), honorary doctorate at SLU (2009). Alba Marina held various leading positions at the Bogota main campus of Corpoica, the Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research, founded the Biological Control Laboratory, and has been a driving force in biocontrol research and development, leading to wide-area applications. Alba Marina recruited Felipe, acquired funding and sent him on orbit.

Inquiries: Peter.Witzgall@slu.se, 070-24 26 939